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Dental Innovation GmbH is a traditional university spin-off company. It is located within the “BioMedizinZentrum” (BMZ) in Dortmund, centered within one of the biggest technology parks in Europe, right across the Technical University Dortmund.  Founded in 2008, the company now has about 14 employees, mainly originating from dentistry, engineering, computer science and mathematics. Its focus lies in signal processing, sensors, navigation and visualization. Several projects have been grant-aided by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) or the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) which speaks to the extremely high innovation potential of the Dental Innovation GmbH. The Freecorder®BlueFox provides Dental Innovation with a widely accepted key technology for digital recording of jaw movement and jaw position, which are utilized during (dental) diagnostics or therapy by prosthesis-makers, orthodontists, gnathologists and dental technicians. The movement and positioning data recorded with the Freecorder®BlueFox can be used in the conventional analogue workflow using traditional Arcon articulators, as well as the fully digital process, due to the development of the new software OpTra®Dent. The software unifies a modern design with an intuitive usability, optimal user guidance and maximal flexibility. The digital capabilities allow extra- or intraoral dental surface scans (STL files) to be moved realistically with each other, by utilizing the recorded patient movement. Dental Innovation has realized the first consistent, open, digital workflow that integrates the jaw movement, in cooperation with the orangedental GmbH & Co. KG. The company has around 50 employees and is located in Biberach an der Riss. It has already established itself as a driver of innovation with its innovative and high quality product portfolio, in particular in the 3D x-ray segment. This cooperation created the opportunity to merge STL files with DICOM files created by 3D x-rays. Together,  Dental Innovation and orangedental distribute the building block of that workflow via the specialized dental trade; first-class service and prompt support form the key focus here.

Quality Seal: “Innovation through Research”

Quality Seal: “Innovation through Research”

Honored by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft e.V. for research expertise and innovative capability with the quality seal “Innovation through Research”.

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The Freecorder®BlueFox is an opto-electronical recording device for capturing the patient-specific jaw movements and the individual occlusal position.

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The new software OpTra®Dent for Freecorder®BlueFox is distinguished by a modern, appealing design, combined with an intuitive, simple user interface.

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Wall Bracket

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FastLink® Coupling

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