MONA_X GmbH develops the DDI procedure chain in cooperation with Dental Innovation GmbH as the DDI-Group. This procedure chain is the medium and long term goal of the DDI-Group and compromises manufacturing and distribution of required devices, materials and services.

Both companies have fully developed products that play an important role in the DDI procedure chain. The key technologies are innovative, up to date, market-oriented, economical and will revolutionize the dental market.

Dental Innovation GmbH deals with the field of jaw joint diagnostic, its therapy and the simulation of  jaw movements using the Freecorder®BlueFox. This covers the first half of the DDI procedure chain. MONA_X GmbH focuses on the second half of the DDI procedure chain:  CAD planning of implants and dentures, navigation as the link between the virtual and real world, as well as connecting systems to a CAD/CAM environment for denture manufacturing.

Our highlights



MONA_DENT is a computer aided planning and navigation system. It supports implantologists to realize 3D planning with highest precision, directly on a non-fixated patient. The surgical procedure can be executed minimally invasive. Preferably with instantaneous prosthetic assistance.

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