The new software for Freecorder®BlueFox

The new software OpTra®Dent for Freecorder®BlueFox is distinguished by a modern, appealing design, combined with an intuitive, simple user interface. It determines jaw movements in absolute coordinates, a prerequisite for direct transfer into CAD/CAM systems or an articulator. It also includes numerous other improvements.

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OpTra®Dent records…

Based on the presets stored in the “User Settings” of the software, OpTra®Dent determines all parameters required for the individual articulator programming. Both the articulator type and path section can be changed manually at any time.

…and conveys your values

The automatically created technical data sheet can be printed or send by email by mouse click.

Open interfaces

The software OpTra®Dent makes it easy to integrate the measurement system in daily practice and navigates the user through the measurements step by step. The software also allows the export of data for the purpose of fusion with DICOM and/or STL files. The measurement data from the Freecorder can be exported as XML files and be merged with STL files later – therefore, the device utilizes open standards and interfaces. It is therefore possible to add movement data to any STL data. This is the philosophy of the Freecorder®BlueFox: As any practice or laboratory can work with the device in a conventional way, the user has the option to choose their CAD/CAM system as well.

New measurement protocol: mastication

This is a particular measurement protocol with an optional hinge axis determination and measurement of the chewing motion. The maximum recording time, displayed as a timer, is 120 seconds. The subsequent storage is done automatically. The recording of complete chewing cycles serves to determine the efficiency of occlusion by means of the grinding degree and the visualization. This facilitates the diagnosis of jaw joint diseases as well as the representation of static and dynamic occlusal contacts within the dentflowTM.


Joint space representation

OpTra®Dent automatically displays graphics for joint space measurement values. The condyle positions are immediately apparent –  now in a new, optimized presentation. The retral, medial and surtrusive joint spaces are visualized according to the anatomical directions. It is also possible to enter the actual and set values by manually entering or changing the position of the white and green lines in the respective anatomical view.