End Products

NOA<sup>®</sup> - Non-Occlusal Attachment

NOA® - Non-Occlusal Attachment

Innovative connector in the digital workflow

  • Patient specific bracket to attach the measurement bow during Freecorder®BlueFox measurements
  • Perfect fit through highly precise digital 3D printing technique, even with difficult bite positions like covered bite.
  • Optimal cost-benefit ratio due to the low manufacturing cost and multiple use.
  • Fast and easy to use
  • High wearing comfort
  • Reproducible measurement results

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3D printing is a high-precision, computer-aided manufacturing method. It constructs objects layer by layer from digital CAD/CAM data, using minimal material. It is characterized to manufacture custom-fit end products in dentistry and dental technology, especially due to the following advantages:

  • Predictable and reproducible results
  • Deployment of bio-compatible printing materials.
  • Short manufacturing times
  • Optimal cost-benefit ratio


CMD Therapy Splints

For the treatment of TMJ disorders

  • Joint pathway specific 3D positioning of the condyles with screen monitoring (if using a Freecorder®BlueFox)
  • Therapy possible in multiple steps
  • 100% reproducible manufacturing


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Drill template

Transfer of the optimal implant position

  • Optional creation of an individual planning proposal taking into account the relevant anatomical structures
  • No in-house planning software required
  • Teeth, bone or mucosa borne

  Available as:

  • Full Jaw; 4-6 shells, Steco
  • Half Jaw; 1-3 shells, Steco
  • Teeth borne; 1-3 shels, Steco

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