OpTra®Dent Update Version

A new update for the software OpTra®Dent for Freecorder®BlueFox is ready to download from 24.05.2018.

Serveral new features and optimizations are available, e.g.:

    • Implementation of encryption and data integrity check for generated files during export and import of patient data and examinations
    • Implementation of a synchronization button within CAR (Bite register/Joint space) for a centrically synced zoomable representation of the target positions
    • Implementation of a remote maintenance interface to modify exposure time of Freecorder®BlueFox cameras
    • Display an info dialog after clicking the button “Joint Space Evaluation” within examination “TMJ Examination” to make sure that the bite registration error has been eliminated with CAR (Bite register) beforehand and disable displaying the previous info dialog to make sure that the CAR device is at zero position
    • Improved representation (window sizes and starting points) during recording of single measurements within measurement view


A full list of all features and the download link for the newest version can be found here.

If the computer that runs OpTra®Dent is connected to the internet, OpTra®Dent will automatically notify you about available updates on start. You will be redirected to the update page where you can download the appropiate file. If the computer is not connected to the internet, please download the update and save it on a portable medium for manual installation.

In case of question, please contact us at our support phone number or use the contact form.


24. May 2018 | 13:55